Your booking with Richmond Boutique Hotel, as well as your stay with us, is subject to our terms and conditions. These are set down here, and for the convenience of our guests, will also be available at the check-in counter. For us to be able to provide services, it is necessary that our guests comply with these terms and conditions.

1.0    PAYMENT

The payment has to be made in advance. It can either be made online at the time of making reservations or in person, that is, at the time of checking in. Yes, we accept cash payments. Please consult with us over the phone if you have any queries regarding direct online banking or other modes of payment.


We bid you welcome from 2 pm to 12 pm. Guests are requested to vacate the cottage by 12 pm at the earliest so the staff can carry out preparations for our next arrival. Flexibility in check-in/out can be settled, but you need to inquire about it from us first. For checking out late (after 2 pm), guests will be charged for a half night. After 6 pm, they will be charged for a full night. In case you decide to cut down the length of your stay with us, and this is done within 72 hours before arrival, you will be 100% charged.


As our accommodations allow up to a specific number of persons in each cottage, please declare the correct number of guests when booking. If the number of guests changes at the last minute after the reservation is made, we need to be notified before your arrival. If we have not been communicated the exact number of guests before the check-in, we may not be able to accommodate you. If the number of guests exceeds the cottage limit, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without providing a refund.


Richmond Boutique Hotel provides ONE complimentary extra mattress for 2-bed cottages. For 3-bed cottages, we provide TWO complimentary mattresses in addition to the beds already there. Please note that we make a per night charge of Rs. 1000/mattress to cover cleaning and laundry costs.


At Richmond Boutique Hotel, we serve a complimentary breakfast for SIX at 3-bed cottages. For our guests staying in 2-bed cottages, we will provide FOUR complimentary breakfasts. There will be TWO breakfasts, again complimentary, in case you have booked an individual room. Additional breakfast will be served on demand, and we will charge Rs. 500 per meal.


Let’s be practical. It is likely that circumstances might force you to cancel your booking. In any case, it is important to contact us to avoid being charged deposits or other charges. Usually, the booking dates can be re-allocated.

  • Cancellations that are reported 48 hours before checking in are guaranteed a full refund.
  • Bookings confirmed through the reservation form followed by a no show (not claimed by arrival) will be cancelled. These will only be entertained in view of availability. Should this happen, please note that all nights will be charged along with tax.
  • Guests can claim a full refund for cancellations, made in response to COVID-19 restrictions in under 14 days from the check-in. However no refund for the booking which was made for dates with prior knowledge of travel restriction.
  • In case of a sudden lockdown imposed by the KP government, a full refund will be given to guests who have not checked in yet.
  • If you request to extend the stay of your booking beyond the date mentioned in your booking, it shall be regarded as you creating a new booking at the time of request and subject to room/cottage availability.
  • If you planning to decrease your stay at Richmond Boutique Hotel, you have to inform us at least 4 days before check-in date any intimation after that will not be considered and you will be100% charged.

These policies regarding booking cancellations or changes might be amended by Richmond Boutique Hotel at any time and at its sole discretion. Please stay in touch for quick updates.


We have it in our rights as owners of the property to charge guests for any damages, deliberate or accidental, made to the said property during their stay with us.


Normally, there is no cleaning fee charged from guests upon checking out. There will be a fee, however, if it is found that the room is a mess. It would inconvenience the next guest as our staff would have to take its time in doing the cleaning.


The guest, in whose name we have the booking, will be held responsible for their own misconduct and the bad behaviour of any one of their party. Using drugs, foul language, and bullying other guests are strictly prohibited. COVID-19 SOPs like wearing masks and keeping physical distance should also be made a priority.


At Richmond Boutique Hotel, we let our guests have access to our exclusive parking lot. At present, we provide 35 secure parking spaces for vehicles, free of charge of course. It applies in both cases whether you have booked the whole cottage or just a room. As this forms part of the contract between the hotel and its guests, the car park service also remains subject to the terms and conditions of the hotel. For your awareness and convenience, we have elaborated them as follows:

  • As elsewhere, priority is given to the guest who has occupied the space first and parked the vehicle.
  • Guests who have booked a COTTAGE are entitled to TWO car parking spaces. On the other hand, guests occupying a single ROOM have access to a SINGLE parking area. The hotel does not guarantee parking for any more vehicles than the allowed limit.
  • Before parking, kindly look around to confirm if that particular parking space is not reserved already. You will find it marked out or signposted in case it is.
  • The hotel reserves the right to have a vehicle parked again properly or moved to a different spot at the expense of the paying guest.


  • Surveillance or keeping a watch over the vehicles does not enter the domain of our duties. As such, it is not part of the contract. The hotel cannot be held responsible for any loss of items or vehicles parked in the lot.
  • The hotel takes responsibility for damages so far as it’s the fault of one or more of our employees. We feel obligated to compensate our guests whether the damage was done out of intent or utter negligence. This limitation of liability does not apply to damage caused to life, limb or physical health or due to infringement of essential contractual obligations.
  • Please note that it is necessary for our GUEST to inform us immediately of any harm or sabotage to their vehicles.
  • Any unpredictable or arbitrary event like storm, hailstones, explosions and fire does not make us liable for the damages incurred. Nor do we accept liability for theft or damage caused by third parties.


  • All our guests with vehicles are requested to observe driving rules. Please drive at walking speed within Hotel area.
  • Please refrain from smoking or igniting a fire in the parking area.
  • Bringing or storing flammable material inside the car parking lot is strictly prohibited.
  • Washing or servicing the vehicle inside the parking area is not allowed.
  • Please do not use the parking area for distributing political, religious or any other promotional flyers.
  • Do not loiter around the parking area and stay for as long as it takes to park the car and get the luggage out.
  • Hotel staff should immediately notified of any spill or pollution caused by GUEST.


Behaving inappropriately or not following the terms and conditions stated above will be taken as a breach of agreement. As such, Richmond Boutique Hotel reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect.

We look forward to having you stay with us. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at +92 051 – 843 5199.

last updated: August 10, 2021   (ammendment of parking policy)