Privacy Statement

Richmond Boutique Hotel values its guests and acknowledges their need for privacy protection. The information we request from you is that needed to make bookings and provide our services. Let us take a closer look at our privacy policy to learn more and understand better what we mean by personal data, how we collect it, and the measures we have in place for its protection.


What kind of personal information do we need for bookings?
For booking purposes, we require the following information from our guests:

  • Full name , contact number , and email address of the individual booking with us.
  • Any form of identification, including CNIC passport , or driving licence.
  • Names of additional guests/family members.
  • We receive information on the social media profile of the person who contacts us through such a platform of their own volition. We only have access to the information made publicly available.


How do we receive personal information on our guests?

Whoever wishes to be the recipient of our services will have to approach us first. This interaction, whether online or in person, will provide us with personal data on that person. For instance, a customer may choose to visit our website or give us a phone call. Another might want to discuss our pricing through a social media platform. What we mean by personal information is that we will be receiving the names, personal phone numbers, and information on the social media profiles of these individuals. Such information is automatically obtained whenever a customer contacts us. For booking purposes, we also require the CNIC of the main guest in addition to the names of other guests, if any.

How do we make use of personal information?

  • Please note that this information is relevant to our business as we cannot let cottages to persons without proper verification. This information is imperative as a security protocol that benefits both yourself and other guests.
  • Richmond Boutique Hotel uses the personal information of our customers to make bookings, keep records, and offer incentives to returning clients.
  • Personal information is necessary for the management to maintain communication with the guests in order to improve its services.


Do we share personal information with third parties?

We have a legal obligation to share the personal information of our guests with law enforcement agencies in case there is a need for it. Apart from that, we make it a point not to share client data with any third party. The professional training of our staff together with secure servers ensures that the personal information of our guests is safeguarded at all times.


How to contact us?

It is the right of every guest to contact Richmond Boutique Hotel and make a complaint with us in case of a violation. Please send us an email on to let us know your concerns.
Our contact number is provided ahead if you wish to call our management (+92 0300 522 2456).