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Nathia Gali has never failed to grip the attention of tourists, foreigners and locals alike. Richmond Boutique Hotel takes well-deserved credit for offering the best places to stay in Nathia Gali which are dedicated to the well-being principle. Holiday-makers are no strangers to the hotels in Nathia Gali. Maybe that explains the price jitters. What makes it more compelling to book cottages in Nathia Gali is that you get spacious rooms, privacy, complimentary breakfast, and an exclusive parking lot, all at an affordable price.

The location of these cottages, in a scenic spot, is one of its merits. Whether the cottage you choose comes with a front lawn or balcony, it is a given that you will be taking in the wonderful views of the hillside. We offer you the best hotel in Nathia Gali in the form of themed cottages furnished in the latest styles. Occupants who wish to cocoon inside will find state-of-the-art appliances installed for their convenience - a walled flatscreen TV, sofa set, white-linen beds, and most importantly, multiple rooms. The lush vegetation around gives the cottage its rustic charm, whereas the interior layout, with just the right touches here and there, makes it a recipe for success. By offering the right compatibility between a rest house and hotel, it is not our ambition to compete with other Nathia Gali Muree hotels but to go beyond by offering world recognised standards.

Richmond Boutique Hotel, with its full range of cottages, can cater to all kinds of guests. We have dedicated cottages for couples on honeymoon, families, executives, and even solo backpackers. If you are looking for the best family hotel in Nathia Gali, why not try our 3-Bed Forest Cottage that comes with a lawn? Are you on your way to fight an uphill battle against gravity and tricky slopes? You and your trekker friends can return from a Mushkpuri hike to relax and unwind in our 3-Bed Jasmine Cottage. We are very keen to provide all that it takes to make your stay a memorable one. Quick and easy bookings and a polite, helpful staff sure make happy customers.

The next time you are searching for Nathia Gali accommodations, just give us a phone call (+92 0300 522 2456). Let's connect on social media so you can get your weekly dose of hotel deals and limited-time offers. When rents are at an all-time high during the peak season, getting your hands on an exclusive offer can be the most cost-effective solution. It is a priority for us to offer competitive deals that outweigh the ones made by the top hotels in Nathia Gali.

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Premier Room

₨18,500.00 / Night

3 Bed Forest Cottage with lawn

A fairy-tale cottage surrounded by the green kingdom of the Nathia Gali forest. From creature comforts inside to scenic landscapes outside, you get the best of both worlds. Away from the urban jung...

₨70,000.00 / Night

3 Bed Jasmine Cottage

The Jasmine Cottage has been successful so far in meeting the need of a luxury cottage, outfitted with the latest appliances and decorated to perfection. The site is carefully chosen to deliver som...

₨65,000.00 / Night

Honeymoon Cottage

Hugged by nature and established as a secluded dwelling, the Honeymoon Cottage caters exclusively to couples just married. Our guests will discover an elegantly prepared interior sporting chic deco...

₨25,000.00 / Night

Richmond Executive Cottage

Our guests will find anything and everything here. Apart from the decor and privacy they enjoy, visitors are pleased to find so many breakfast options. High season or not, the demand is at an all-t...

₨70,000.00 / Night

Fuchsia Cottage

Our Fuchsia Cottage is on the top when it comes to exclusive accommodations for holidays in Nathia Gali. It is intended to be a holiday retreat for tourists who want all the modern world facilities...

₨60,000.00 / Night

Hotel Facilities


Raising the bar for excellent dining, Richmond Boutique hotel offers a wide range of food choices during your stay. Our fully-serviced cottages mean that you will get the service of a luxury hotel and even beyond-like world-class dining.

Food Terraces

Our signature Food Terraces has a wide-ranging menu of Pakistani as well as continental cuisines. Enjoy our scrumptious snacks items with tea at the food terraces while taking in the stunning views of the surroundings.

Free Wi-fi

Stay Happy, Stay connected. Our hotel understands every guests’ needs and with the growing technology era WiFi is one of the most important services that we provide. Our free WiFi internet service is available 24-hours in lobby and guest rooms.